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Bang & Olufsen

BeoVision Contour

BeoVision Contour

Select the size of the panel, the color of the frame and the speaker cover as well as the stand variant and the color of the remote control here. We will automatically choose the color of the stand variant to match the color of the frame. For example, if you have chosen the frame in silver, we will also choose the stand in silver. The price shown is for one BeoVision Contour in your chosen configuration.


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48 inch-(OLED48C27LA)

55 inches - (OLED55C27LA)

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BeoVision Contour  in Silber an einer Wand
BeoVision Contour in Silber mit light oak Cover auf Bodenstandfuß
Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour in Gold Tone auf Bodenstandfuß

Timeless design.

Its design is simple yet refined. As soon as you turn it on, it captures your attention. With the Beosound Stage's 3-channel and Dolby Atmos speaker technology, combined with the absolute black and realistic colors of the latest generation, LG's OLED screen will captivate you until it's time to turn it off again.

The name "Contour" refers to the imposing aluminum frame that frames the OLED image and powerful sound area, and is an expression of the Beovision Contour's unique, minimalist design identity. The distinctive floor stand and aluminum frame are expressions of a unique, minimalist design identity. It is stripped of all non-essentials and is fully focused on giving you the viewing experience you want based on perfect picture and sound.

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour auf einem Tischstandfuß

The BeoVision Contour does the essentials: It entertains you when and where you want it to. It embodies uncompromising minimalism, framed by a timeless aluminum frame. That's exactly what a real BeoVision brings you. All the details are thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly into your home while leaving a lasting impression. This is achieved through the ability to select the aluminum crafted frame and stand in three color options, including matching textile or wood finishes for the speaker front cover. The rear panel has been optimized to provide a tidy, unified 360-degree design. All cables are routed centrally through the back, regardless of the stand option, ensuring perfectly organized cable management. A functional and flexible stand and bracket combination has been designed as an integral part, resulting in a coherent and complete TV solution, regardless of which placement option is chosen. All this makes BeoVision Contour special in the TV market, which is dominated by black screens with little identity.

BeoVision Contour in Gold Tone mit light oak cover an Wandhalteurng

The frame is developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen's own aluminum factory in Denmark. Its shape impresses with gentle curves that are at the same time precise and accurate. This is done by extruding the profiles into a single shapely profile, which is then machined to the most precise tolerances and perfectly joined in the corners. The surface has undergone a thorough refinement to achieve the modern two-layer appearance. First, the frame is silver polished to the highest standards. Then it is lightly etched to give the surface a satin anodized finish. This creates a new, modern look that is both refined and subtle. The floor stand and table stand are made in the same color options as the BeoVision, emphasizing uniformity.

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour auf einem silbernem Bodenstandfuß mit Holzcover aus hellem Eichenholz

    Floor stand

    The vertical tube and carefully crafted aluminum ring are ultra-lightweight but sturdy and available in matching Silver, Black Anthracite and Gold Tone colors; the floor stand allows the screen to be rotated 180° to either side, making it the perfect fit for your space.

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour auf einem Tischstandfuß

    Table stand

    Crafted from a solid rectangular aluminum rod, this table stand is perfect for placing on tables, counters and cabinets. Available in Silver, Black Anthracite and Gold Tone for a uniform look.

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour in Silber an einer Wandhalterung

    Wall bracket

    A sophisticated wall mount allows the BeoVision Contour to be pulled away from the wall and tilted laterally up to 40° to enhance the viewing and listening experience. The wall mount is available in black.

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BeoVision Contour in Gld Tone auf einem Bodenstandfuß
BeoVision Contour in black Anthracite an einer Wandhalterung
BeoVision Contour in Silber auf einem Tischstandfuß
  • BeoVision Contour mit Cover in Grey Mélange

    Textile finish in Grey Mélange / Aluminum line in Black Anthracite

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Contour - Rahmen in Silber, Lautsprecherabdeckung aus Textil in Grey Mélange

    Textile finish in Grey Mélange / Aluminum line in Silver

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoViSion Contour - Rahmen in Silber, Lautsprecherabdeckung in light oak

    Light Oak wood finish / Silver aluminum line

  • goldener Rahmen mit Holzcover aus heller Eiche - BeoVision Contour

    Wood finish in Light Oak / Aluminum line in Gold Tone

  • BeoVision Contour mit Cover in Smoked Oak

    Smoked Oak wood finish / Black Anthracite aluminum line

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