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BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation

BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation

Select the desired color of your new portable Bluetooth speaker here. Der ausgewiesene Preis bezieht sich auf die von Ihnen gewählte Farbvariante.

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BeoSound A1 am Lenker eines Fahrrads angehangen

The most beautiful form of listening to music on the go.

With a sleek, slim profile, a clearly structured user interface and numerous features, the Beosound A1 2nd Generation is a powerful, portable speaker with an iconic design. At the heart of the 2nd generation Beosound A1 is Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with aptX Adaptive Bluetooth technology.

The Beosound A1 2nd generation is equipped with the latest Bluetooth Codec 5.1. This codec ensures much more reliable Bluetooth connections, as it can determine the direction of the signal and derive the distance of a device from it to within a few centimeters. In this way, fast connections to the Beosound A1 2nd generation are possible while consuming less energy. In environments with many Bluetooth devices, 5.1 can now select any channels when establishing a connection, which reduces the likelihood of mutual interference between channels.

BeoSound A1 in pink im Sand an einem Strand - BeoSound A1 ist staubdicht

Up to 18 hours of playback time at normal volume and the fact that the speaker is completely dust and water resistant ensure that you can simply enjoy your music wherever it may take you. In addition, the 2nd generation Beosound A1 features a built-in Alexa voice assistant and a special arrangement of three microphones with far-field technology that enables crystal clear calls. A great communication tool for personal or professional use!

BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation in Grey Mist in der Hand einer Frau bei Sonnenuntergang
BeoSound A1 in Grey Mist in einem Fahrradkorb
BeoSound A1 2nd. Generation in Grey Mist am Meer
BeoSound A1 in black anthracite auf einem Tisch

Completely new user experience.

The way of interacting with the device has been completely redesigned in the Beosound A1 2nd. Generation has been completely redesigned to be simpler and put the customer's well-being first. The buttons have been rearranged, aligned centrally with the strap. With the latter as a visual reference point, the device no longer needs to be picked up to locate the buttons.

In addition, button mapping is simplified with larger, clearer icons. Meanwhile, feedback from the buttons has also been significantly improved with a view to seamless interaction with the device. The device's LED indicator has been moved to a much clearer position at the top of the device, significantly improving viewing angles in any lighting conditions.

You'll also notice a breakthrough improvement in battery life compared to the original BeoPlay A1. Now up to 18 hours at common listening volumes and up to 43 hours at low listening volumes are possible. At full volume, it is 3 hours of battery life.

The feedback on the remaining battery life has also been improved enormously. There is now an earlier LED warning signal when the battery level is low and a "tank indicator", based on which you can see the battery level in more detail in the Bang & Olufsen app.

BeoSound A1 in black Anthracite in der Hand einer Frau

Even lighter and more portable.

The original beautiful shape with soft edges that makes BeoSound A1 so unique remains, but the classic silhouette has been refined in a more modern style. The aluminum cover is still lightweight, sturdy and protective, while featuring a more modern perforated pattern. The high-end modern feel is further enhanced by the new logo badge on the strap, which now features Bang& Olufsen's trademark.

The portability argument, which is crucial to the Beosound A1's usage scenario, is now further underpinned. The device itself is 5% lighter than the original Beosound A1 and sits 1 millimeter lower. The lower part of the case has been slimmed down to give an elegant floating or drifting impression a lighter variation on the classic Beosound A1 design. The leather neck strap has been designed to be exceptionally versatile, creating a tremendous number of placement options.

BeoSound A1 in Gold Tone - Nahaufnahme der Bedientasten

Smarter with Alexa.

The BeoSound A1 2nd Generation is one of the first Bluetooth speakers on the market to fully integrate activation word-controlled Alexa voice assistant. The device is equipped with far-field technology, which means that the BeoSound A1 2nd generation responds to requests by activation word (e.g. "Alexa") over a distance of up to 5 meters, depending on the spatial environment. For even more convenient operation, the voice assistant remains active and ready to respond to requests for up to 3 hours after the device has been switched off.