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Bonuses, special prices, showroom models, customer returns and sales offers - On this page you will find the current discount and bonus promotions from LuxusSound at a glance. The offers change at irregular intervals, so check back - the perfect offer for you may be there at any time.

  • BeoSound Theatre bundled with BeoLab 28

    As a soundbar gamechanger, the Beosound Theatre takes the lead in the luxury soundbar category. And with the Beolab 28 as rear speakers, the intense spatial sound experience is complete.

    Save 1500€ when you buy a BeoSound Theatre in combination with a pair of BeoLab 28s of your choice. Just add both products in the configuration of your choice to your shopping cart and use the coupon code "BeoLab28Bundle".

    BeoSound Theatre 
  • BeoVision Harmony mit BeoLab 18 und BeoLab 19 Subwoofer

    BeoLab 18 bundled with BeoLab 19

    Let the sound intoxicate you. The Beolab 18 is an impressive engineering masterpiece with audio performance at its core. It delivers a superior sound experience throughout the room, not just directly in front of the speakers. Add depth to movies and music and discover unimagined detail with the Beolab 19 - a wireless subwoofer with powerful bass.

    Save 1500€ when you buy a pair of BeoLab 18 speakers in combination with a BeoLab 19 Sobwoofer. To do so, add both products to your shopping cart in the configuration of your choice. The discount will be deducted automatically.

    BeoLab 18