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Beosound A5

Beosound A5

Choose the color of your new portable multi-room speaker here. The stated price refers to the color variant of the BeoSound A5 you have chosen.

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Shape and fidelity

The BeoSound A5 embodies the best of design and materials. Real oak and elegant aluminum ensure a haptic experience. Everything is manufactured with the highest precision and for long-term enjoyment of the product.

Noble oak. Made in Denmark
The elegant Dark Oak handles and cover are made with love in family-run wood workshops in Denmark.

Aluminum frame
The BeoSound A5 has a precisely crafted aluminum frame, a soft surface and no hard plastic.

Inspired by opposites.
The aesthetic of the Beosound A5 was inspired by contrasts: light and dark, rough and fine, home and away. Nordic Weave combines feather-light design and powerful sound. Throughout the ramified history of Scandinavian design, the sheer simplicity of the woven fiber has emerged. She borrows her inspiration from classic living room furniture on the one hand and from raffia fabrics that evoke adventures on the other. At the other end of the spectrum is Dark Oak . The dark wood looks as if it was made for a dining room or a mountain cabin. Both versions share a compact housing: Dark Oak is framed in anthracite black, Nordic Weave has the natural shimmer of aluminum. The frame ensures clear visibility and makes changing the covers flexible. So the Beosound A5 finds its place everywhere. Its aesthetic reflects different contrasts and takes them into a flexible lifestyle.

Perfect symmetry, natural diversity.
Perfect symmetry is not natural in most cases. Nature is never perfect. That's why we carefully select the Dark Oak and critically examine each piece of wood. Because perfectly repeating patterns look fake. For the same reason, the hidden beauty of Nordic Weave is found in the different thicknesses of the woven fiber and the slight variance of the lines: to enhance the emotional experience created by the contrast between the immaculately finished aluminum and the unpredictability of nature arises. Nordic Weave's woven fiber is a delightful combination of opposites. At its core it consists of paper. Some think that this is a thin or fragile material. But when processed and woven, it is surprisingly strong and flexible. When combined, Dark Oak and Nordic Weave form a pretty pair that blends perfect symmetry with natural diversity. The history of craftsmanship is intertwined with modern technology. This is how opposites meet to become more than the sum of their individual parts. And to make clear the true meaning of the material.

One step ahead.

BeoSound A5 is not only designed to last, but also to evolve. Swap out parts instead of replacing the entire speaker, and update your system when new features are available to keep making your music experience even better.

Modular design
The Beosound A5 can be disassembled into its main components. This way it can be serviced instead of being completely replaced. If necessary, parts can be replaced and repaired. And the materials can more easily transition into a new cycle of use.

Always up to date
Looking for something new? Look no further. The A5 is given a completely new look by replacing just three components. Software updates provide new features.

Bring the bass. Analyze the room.

Four individual drivers for true 360° sound. The most powerful custom designed woofer in all Bang & Olufsen portable speakers. All are driven by individual digital amplifiers and advanced signal processing with room compensation for the highest fidelity in any room. You will not only hear the A5 - you will feel it.

360 degree sound distribution
BeoSound A5 is for everyone. With drivers working in all directions, placing the A5 in the right place is easy,

Beamforming Technology
Bang & Olufsen's flagship speakers' advanced DSP technology controls sound with incredible precision, for wide immersion or sharp precision.

Beosonic Equalizer
Advanced algorithms developed by Bang & Olufsen's acoustics team allow you to explore different audio spaces in the app.

Mix. Combine. Sorcery.

Stereo pair two A5s to bring out your music to the fullest, or connect to compatible wireless systems to enjoy music in any room. The A5 is well equipped to reconcile everything. The Beosound A5 is based on the powerful Mozart platform and supports all popular streaming technologies (Beolink Multiroom, Airplay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 5.2) to make your life easy. Simply add Beosound A5 to your existing Wi-Fi audio system or start here.

Stereo coupling. The easiest way.
Place two A5s in close proximity to pair the speakers. Experience clean and detailed stereo sound without the hassle. Proximity coupling automatically connects two speakers into a high-end stereo system when placed close to each other. No app or complicated setup required.

The physics follows the music.
When pairing two Beosound A5s in stereo, you can control the sweet spot and aim it at your position with a simple tap. Ultra wideband sensors calculate the distance between the speakers and your phone. Each speaker's latency and gain are then adjusted for your position. So you get an optimal stereo image everywhere.

The sweet spot is the ideal listening position between two speakers. Traditionally, the placement of the speakers determined where they were located. Outside the sweet spot, the sound is inaccurate. Now the placement of the speakers no longer determines the best sound position. but you.

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