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BeoLab 90

BeoLab 90

BeoLab 90 is a unique speaker that is made to your specifications. You have the opportunity to contact us here to discuss details of your configuration.

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Beolab 90
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Create the Future of Sound

BeoLab 90 Gold Tone

Sound redefined

Imagine a speaker so intelligently designed, so superbly crafted, and so finely tuned to deliver the ultimate sound experience under any circumstances. That's the new BeoLab 90 loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen. It will completely redefine the future of sound.

The BeoLab 90 is equipped with 18 Scan-Speak speaker units of the highest quality, which draw their power from 18 amplifiers and deliver a total output of 8,200 watts per speaker. Incidentally, all these components are housed in a 65kg cast aluminum enclosure. Thus, in conjunction with the most advanced Digital Signal Processing ever implemented in a home speaker, an incredible sound is produced.

BeoLab 90 is part of the Bang & Olufsen Bespoke Program - a new way to customize our premium products to your liking. Make your Beolab 90 speakers even more unique with aluminum elements in any color and finish, textiles, and wood types and finishes of your choice.

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Nahaufnahme BeoLab 90 in Silber - Aluminium

Beam Width Control

Reflections from surfaces in your room affect your listening experience, changing both the tonal balance and the precision with which the positions of instruments and voices are reproduced.

The unique new Bang & Olufsen technology called Beam Width Control allows you to switch the BeoLab 90 between the three modes "Narrow" (Narrow) , "Wide" (Wide) and "Omni" (Omnidirectional).

In "Narrow" mode, the speaker units create an extremely precise soundstage (width and depth) in the optimal listening position - at the so-called "SweetSpot". Consequently, this is the perfect setting for one person. In "Wide" mode, similar to BeoLab 5, the speakers are optimally aligned to a wider listening area in front of the speakers, so that everyone in front of the speakers enjoys the same sound experience. In "Omni" mode, the speakers distribute the sound evenly in all directions (360degrees!) - this is consequently the perfect setting for a party!

Pressing a button on the BeoRemote One or using the special BeoLab90 app switches between these modes.

BeoVision Harmony mit BeoLab 90 - das ultimativeHeimkino!


Beam Direction Control allows the sound of BeoLab 90 to be directed in the desired direction, for example, directly to the front (default setting) or to a corner of the room. Just like Beam Width Control, the direction of the sound beam can also be changed with BeoRemote One or with the BeoLab90 app.

In combination, Beam Width Control and Beam Direction Control offer control options that are not available anywhere else.


Resonances in your room and edge effects through your walls affect the sound your speakers produce. BeoLab 90 features Bang & Olufsen's new technology called Active Room Compensation, which compensates for the effects of your room and furniture and balances the effects of speaker position. This cutting-edge new technology guarantees a sensational sound experience exactly where you want it.

BeoLab 90 ohne Stoffbezüge. Sicht auf die Treiber

Form follows function

BeoLab 90 was designed according to the principle that form follows function. The position and orientation of the individual speaker units are dictated by the acoustic requirements. The arrangement of the cooling fins for the electronics was chosen so that the rising heat could not affect the sound experience. The design is based on a complex aluminum enclosure that weighs a total of more than 65 kg (aluminum!) to create a rock-solid construction. The "outer skin" provides a sophisticated contrast to the massiveness of the speaker, as it consists of acoustically permeable textile fabric that seems to lie over the speaker units like a stretched sail. The curved wooden base lifts the large structure off the ground, giving the impression that BeoLab 90 is floating in your home.

BeoLab 90 ohne Cover

The tweeters and midrange drivers are located in the tower, which is cast in a 10mm thick composite material for maximum stability. The upper cabinet is designed as a complex geometric shape, calculated and refined by the acoustic engineers to extract the best possible performance. At the bottom, the speaker is covered with a wooden cover, which is made of injection-molded oak veneer. The wooden base makes the speaker look very light as it lifts it off the ground. The oak veneer is manufactured using proven manufacturing processes from the furniture industry, which gives the speaker elegance and robustness at the same time. Each BeoLab 90 loudspeaker is tested at the factory in Struer, Denmark, in the purpose-built anechoic chamber. Most of the components are manufactured in Denmark, and final assembly then takes place at Bang & Olufsen's main factory.

Craftsmanship and quality are absolutely essential in the manufacture of BeoLab 90.