B&O for your business

Show style - audible and visible.

Whether it's an office or bistro, a law firm, a studio or a practice, B&O products embody your style and show the standards you work with - the highest, down to the smallest detail.


World-class sound and design are not limited to your home. Bring Bang & Olufsen's exclusive sound furniture into your business premises and share your passion with your visitors.

BeoLab 50 in einer BeSpoke- Version

Crafted by us. Personalized by you.

We give you the maximum choice of colors and materials to perfectly match all components to your ambience. This gives you audio solutions that are as unique as the rooms in which they are experienced. This is possible because we are one of only five certified dealers in the B&O Bespoke program worldwide.


Our craftsmen at the legendary Plant 5 in Struer, Denmark, also realize engravings, e.g. if you want to customize a Bang & Olufsen product as a gift for especially loyal business partners.

Individual solutions for B2B customers

We are happy to advise you on conditions, financing or leasing - it's best to arrange a personal consultation appointment right away.

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