Limited Chinese 2023 Collection

Colors and materials are perfectly aligned with the festive spirit, picking up on traditional Chinese motifs and symbols, creating a beautiful oriental aesthetic with a fresh and modern twist.

History of colors

Bang & Olufsen developed a diverse and stylish color palette that includes a warm golden tone, a deep red and a bright jade green, inspired by the ancient use of complementary colors based on the contrast between earth and sky.

The colors are naturally associated with vibrancy, cheerfulness and brightness, all of which are in keeping with the mood of the celebrations.

Jade green refers to the sacred stone, a symbol of royalty, preciousness, and beauty.
Red traditionally symbolizes fire, happiness and joy.
Gold, on the other hand, represents wealth, enlightenment and prosperity.

  • Chinese New Year Collection 2023 Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 4th. Generation GVA - Lunar Red

    BeoPlay A9 4th Gen

    Cover from Kvadrat : Moonstone with embroidery. Aluminum Ring : Gold Tone. Feet : Lunar Red lacquered beech. Back cover : Sand

    BeoPlay A9 - Lunar Red 
  • BeoLit 20 Jade Green Chinese New Year Collection 2023

    BeoLit 20

    Top and Bottom Cover : Jade Green. Aluminum Grille : Gold Tone. Background fabric (under the aluminum grid): sand. Aluminum B&O Logo : Gold Tone. Leather handle, lucky knot pendant : Lunar Red

    BeoLit 20 - Jade Green 
  • BeoPlay H95

    Aluminum Disc : Gold Tone Monoarm, Slider : Gold Tone Headband Leather : Lunar Red Earpads Leather : Lunar
    Red. Aluminum carrying case : Lunar Red

    BeoPLay H95 - Lunar Red 
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoPLay EX Lunar Red CNY 2023

    BeoPlay EX

    Aluminum charging case : Lunar Red Inner charging case : Sand Earbud Glass top layer : Lunar Red Earbud body and earpiece : Sand

    BeoPlay EX - Lunar Red 
  • BeoSound A1

    Base : Lunar Red or Jade Green. Aluminum Grille : Gold Tone. Background fabric (under the aluminum grid): sand. Leather cord with lucky knot : Lunar Red

    BeoSound A1 - Lunar Red, Jade Green 
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BeoPlay A9 4th. Generation GVA - Lunar Red - Detail Stickerei

Ornate details

As a tribute to craftsmanship and tradition, the collection offers some distinctive elements:

A hand-knotted leather lucky knot is integrated into the lanyard of the A1 and attached to the Beolit20 as a pendant.

Red lacquered wooden legs and an embroidered cover give the iconic A9 loudspeaker a powerful yet elegant visual impression. The embroidery on the cover of the A9 is inspired by the traditional ribbon dance and the flying Apsaras dancing gracefully in the sky with large and fluid movements. The ribbon symbolizes the Silk Road and is reminiscent of this historic trade route that stretched from China to the Mediterranean Sea, connecting East and West.