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BeoVision Eclipse

BeoVision Eclipse

Select the size of the panel, the variant of the cover as well as the stand variant and the color of the remote control. We automatically select the color of the stand variant to match the color of the Sound Center. If you have chosen the Sound Center in silver, for example, we will also choose the stand in silver. The price shown is for one BeoVision Eclipse in your chosen configuration.

EEK: F  bis   EEK: G   abhängig von der Bildschirmgröße

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BeoVision Eclipse Piano Black mit Abdeckung aus Holz

The best of two worlds.

BeoVision Eclipse is the first TV developed by Bang & Olufsen and LG Electronics in a partnership. BeoVision Eclipse gives you an experience that puts all previous TV experiences in the shade. BeoVision Eclipse celebrates the combination of exceptional OLED technology with true Bang & Olufsen design and the visualization of its unique sound quality. It stands out with its unparalleled picture quality through the 4K OLED screen with HDR and Dolby Vision, and delivers the best integrated sound quality on the market with the 3-channel sound center. The BeoVision Eclipse is also a standalone audio center with great performance.

BeoVision Eclipse Sound Center in Brass Tone
BeoVision Eclipse auf Bodenstandfu mit Cover aus Eichenholz
BeoVision Eclipse in silber ohne Cover - Sicht auf das Soundcenter

The sound makes up half the picture.

The BeoVision Eclipse is a reflection of Bang & Olufsen's signature design and superior sound. The new TV includes a SoundCenter with 3 channels and features an appearance that combines glass with colored textile coverings or aluminum. And for the first time, LG Electronics' OLED TV technology is brought into the mix, providing perfect blacks, unlimited contrast and an expanded color gamut, in short, a true-to-life picture, thanks to revolutionary pixel dimming technology.

BeoVision Eclipse is both a TV and an audio system. The TV's powerful 3-channel, 450-watt SoundCenter provides stereo power and center channel, putting most integrated solutions and soundbars to shame. The integrated speaker system also features 7.1 Digital Surround Sound Decoding for a cinema-like sound experience. The sound quality of the center channel matches that of Bang & Olufsen high-end speakers. With a central channel providing optimized voice reproduction, stereo, and incredible bass performance, BeoVision Eclipse's sound performance is impressive on its own. It houses six amplifiers and six drivers in their own sealed enclosures.

In addition, BeoVision Eclipse integrates Internet radio and music streaming, advancing it to a standalone audio system. When additional speakers are connected to BeoVision Eclipse via the built-in surround sound decoder, the center channel's output adapts to Bang & Olufsen's high-end BeoLab speakers, creating a rousing cinema experience at home.

BeoVision Eclipse and Wandhalterung mit Cover aus Holz

Much more than just a TV set.

The BeoVision Eclipse functions like a highly flexible A/V center. The TV features 4K picture processing technology and comes with LG Electronics' latest webOS platform. This allows access and customization of favorite content, apps, and devices: music streaming services like Spotify, providers like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, Blu-ray players from any brand, and personal content. Integrated audio streaming services include TuneIn Radio, Deezer (including Deezer HiFi), Chromecast Built-In, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth streaming. By combining all of this into one, BeoVision Eclipse simplifies the complexity of Bang & Olufsen's digital life.

BeoVision Eclipse is part of the BeoLink Multiroom - offering, which combines your Bang & Olufsen products into just one wireless system - for more freedom in your home.

BeoVision Eclipse an Wandhalterung
BeoVision Eclipse 2nd Generation auf Motorbodenstandfuß
BeoVision Eclipse Detailaufnahme SoundCenter in Piano Black

Technology and aesthetics in harmony.

The design of BeoVision Eclipse is based on Bang & Olufsen's classic ideal of aesthetic simplicity, which emphasizes the importance and significance of sound. The thin glass surface continues under the Sound Center, which in turn extends beyond both sides of the screen. This creates exciting contrasts between image and sound, slimness and volume. At the same time, all elements appear naturally integrated into an appealing design.

The motorized floor stand also ensures aesthetics and comfort: the floor stand with its exceptional mobility, makes the TV appear as an element "as if made of one piece", which elegantly balances on the relatively small footprint. The smoothly gliding motorized floor stand, already familiar from the BeoVision Avant, can rotate the set up to 90 degrees from the wall, allowing it to be moved to either side depending on the desired viewing angle. This allows the unit to be adjusted to the seating position at any time, which not only changes the viewing experience, but also the overall interior design.

BeoVision Eclipse and einer Wandhalterung - ausgeschwenkt

In addition to the floor stand, BeoVision Eclipse can also be placed on a motorized or manual wall mount. The wall mount is completely hidden behind the main element. So when BeoVision Eclipse is swung off the wall, you can see it silently twist and float in the air - a light and sculpture-like appearance. This play on angles makes this placement option a magical element. The concealed motorized wall mount allows the screen to pivot up to 60 degrees from the wall (attached to the left or right hinge), giving the impression that the TV is almost floating in mid-air. With the fixed wall mount, the TV is firmly attached to the wall. The flat screen and the protruding speaker covers together create an impressive wall picture.

For the front cover of the SoundCenter, choose between aluminum, wood or a colored textile covering. The BeoVision Eclipse can be placed in the center of attention according to your wishes or harmoniously integrated into the interior design.